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Researchers say Parkinson’s medication may boost creativity 

November 2015

Multiple articles written in top news media websites around the world about Prof. Inzelberg's research. In her research, Prof. Inzelberg found that some of her Parkinson's disease patients have increased creativity once they started being treated for the disease.

Music hallucination, neurological phenomenon

March 2014

An Article Prof. Inzelberg wrote for "Haaretz" Newspaper about the phenomenon called "Music hallucination", where people start hearing music, even when there's no music playing around them. 

The connection between prayer and Alzheimer's disease

July 2012

An appearance of Prof. Inzelberg on the famous Israeli political show "London @ Kirshenbaum". In the show Prof. Inzelberg talks about research she conducted which found a connection between praying and Alzheimer's disease. 

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